Clinic Countdown: Transforming the truck

I am ridiculously excited about having made the appointment for Thursday afternoon to get the towing apparatus installed in my truck: hitch, wiring, brake controller, and all.

Most of the people in my professional life are a little in awe of my three-quarter ton pickup, but that’s because my professional life is in the high-tech field, where people have Priuses and Civics and sports cars and motorcycles. In my horse life, though, my Toyota Tundra SR5 two-wheel drive is barely considered a truck.

Luckily, I have a friend with a Brenderup trailer and the willingness to lend it to me.


And Erin is willing to let me practice with the old two-horse straight-load that is used now only to haul inanimates from the ranch to the dump.

Today, Rocky practiced being alone in the Big Trailer while I worked with River.


It is so freeing, this process of Making Things Happen. I’ve felt stuck lately and it really has nothing to do with horses or trailers, but horses and trailers are hauling me out of it.


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Clinic Countdown: 56 days


In September, I will participate in the “Advancing Levels 2/3″ clinic with 4* Parelli Professionals Cezanne DeCristoforo and Tina Giordino. I’m taking Rocky, as he is my levels partner, and Jan and Scott are coming too as auditors.

Here’s the description:

 Feeling stuck? Found some holes? Need a little variety, or maybe even some solid consistency? The transition from Level 2 to 3 is what sets you and your horse up for success as you continue to develop your horse’s foundation and strive for excellence in your partnership. Let us help you find the answers to questions about impulsion, assertiveness, and responsiveness.

The perfect balance of love, language, and leadership builds a strong foundation and strengthens the bond between you and your horse. With the right problem solving skills, you can go anywhere, and do anything.

Ever since I learned about the existence of clinics, I’ve wanted to go to one. It seems like the perfect match for me. It’s smaller than a show, but bigger than a lesson. It’s a chance to play in a new environment and to learn with an instructor one might not often have access to. It’s likely to attract other people within a similar range of skills, experience, and interests.

Now to learn how to attach and haul a horse trailer….


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