First canter on River

In a recent lesson, Erin really helped me find my “center” at the trot, by having me lean way forward (and post) and then lean way back (and post) and then be “in the middle” — and I could feel the difference in River’s body when I was in the right place. By putting myself in the wrong place, I was able to find and maintain the right place. Which, as it turns out, is where I’ve been most of the time, for the past couple of months.

By the end of the lesson, I felt so in tune with River, and so happy, and her happiness, that it just felt right to try a canter. I visualized us lifting into the canter at a barrel and then cantering together… which happened! But I hadn’t visualized us going smoothly around the corner, and I hadn’t remembered that I could trust River to steer herself around the corner, and I felt River visualizing going to the railĀ and stopping rather suddenly. So I looked up and sat down and did that.

And Scott — all unbeknownst to me! — got it on video.

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Our herd, explained by Despicable Me

River is Agnes.

river says oh this tarp“LET’S GO DESTROY ANOTHER GAME!”

Rocky is Margo.

Horses_andotherpics 016“CAN WE TOUCH THE AIR? CAN WE TOUCH THE FLOOR?”

Salsa is Edith.


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