Appaloosa Store

All links go to Amazon U.S., where you can learn more about the item and even — gasp — buy it if you wish! And then I’ll get a little commission that goes into the “carrot fund” for my horses. (I earn about $40 per year in Amazon commissions. That’s about 480 carrots a year, at $1/pound and 12 carrots to the pound. That’s more than a carrot a day!)

Breyer Models
I still have about 80 Breyer horses that I collected in my childhood. I studied that catalog night after night and built my herd slowly and carefully, and augmented it with the birthday and Christmas gifts from friends and family.
Breyer Chestnut AppaloosaBreyer Little Tahoma Appaloosa Breyer Wild Blue Classic Horse and Book Set Breyer Twilight-Appaloosa Foal-Blue roan Breyer Traditional DZ Weedo - Appaloosa Stallion

Appaloosa Art

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