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All links go to Amazon U.S., where you can learn more about the item and even — gasp — buy it if you wish! And then I’ll get a little commission that goes into the “carrot fund” for my horses. (I earn about $40 per year in Amazon commissions. That’s about 480 carrots a year, at $1/pound and 12 carrots to the pound. That’s more than a carrot a day!)

I own and recommend all of the books and videos on this page. If you want more information about any of these, contact me at


If you like James Herriott, you’ll probably like Miller’s essay collections.

Complete Robert M. Miller library, including his cartoons

Author of Horse Heaven

It’s worth spending the extra effort to get the special illustrated version of Seabiscuit.

I re-read the entire collection of Dick Francis novels at least once a year. (Not the ones he co-authored with his son Felix, whose writing style does not appeal to me.) A few favorites:

All books by Dick Francis

I own Horse Heaven in paperback, Kindle, and audio versions. (I bought the Kindle version because I kept having to replace my paperback version after I lent it out, and the version because when I drive I like experiencing books that I already love.)


This link doesn’t go to Amazon but I bought this DVD directly from the author and found it valuable and interesting.

Horses Inside Out DVD

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