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Learning to be provocative, progressive, and passively persistent

Last night I watched the Problem-Solving DVD of the Liberty & Horse Behavior (L&HB) course-in-a-box. I learned so much, I can’t possibly blog it all, but this morning I tried a few things and felt the change in our communication — possibly our entire relationship — almost instantly.

We had to play at the walk only as he is still ouchy on his bare hind feet, though I think maybe less so, but on the weekend he sliced his front fetlock and had a bit of a wince with that foot too. All of this improved as the session went on so I am glad we put him in the big turnout with the other geldings today. Now that he’s used to being at the front of the property, they others will ensure that he moves around a lot more than he has been, instead of standing lazily in the soft urine-soaked mud in the corner of the solo pen. Movement is going to fix him faster than stillness. (Et tu …)

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