Apology Apple and Newness Afoot

I popped outside this morning with an apple in my pocket, which I held for Rocky to take a bite, then put on the ground in his hay for him to nuzzle around and find. (Yes, I reserved a tiny little bite for Wesley, but not Paco as his person brings him carrots and apples and I don’t know if he’s “authorized” for any others. I’ll ask her next time I see her.)

I told him “Sorry I haven’t played with you despite the sunshine” and patted him once, then left the Back 40. I caught Erin standing still so we talked a little about a blog/website I’m putting together for her and asked her what she thought of Rocky. He’s been sound and not throwing shoes and doing his beautiful Big Trot on the muddy hill. He’s relaxed and even a little bored maybe, as he’s been chewing on the wooden fence posts. She’s considering moving Troy (Shire colt) to the Back 40 and putting Rocky in the Front Turnout with the other geldings just to see what happens.

I’d love to see him with the high play drive horses, like Dave and Pursuit. I always thought Rocky had a medium-high play drive, but now I’m realizing it was only in contrast to the aged LBIs he lived with. He does like toys and to put his nose on things and to explore with his lips and to interact, but his play drive is more like play short-term parking. Or maybe it’s a sign that he’s not as settled in as it seems, and so he’s not as playful as he used to be? Hmm, how interesting!

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