In Reno, Celebration Eve

Am tucked into bed thinking about the next three days – already I have seen people in the hotel who are here for the Celebration, and one lady on her cell phone was telling someone that her entire plane was packed with Parelli people, and it made me wish I had a t-shirt that says “Say Hi to me, I do Parelli!”

reno center

I don’t have Expectations for this event. The only “horse events” I’ve ever been to were the Auburn rodeo last month and the Equine Affaire in Pomona a few years back. I have lots of anticipation and excitement, but no expectations. It will not be possible to disappoint me, as I have faith in the program, the people, and the understanding that events never go as planned, and whatever goes “wrong” will turn out just fine.

I have some goals:

  • Meet other horse enthusiasts who speak the same language I do; bonus would be to connect with Savvy Club members who live near enough to me that we can continue to get together
  • Buy a Horseman’s Hackamore and a shirt or two
  • Immerse, absorb, and assimilate all the knowledge I can

I particularly want to connect with folks from the Savvy Club forum.

And that’s it! I’m not here to solve a specific problem or even to get re-inspired or otherwise have a “tangible” result. Soaking up the energy of all those savvy folks will be more than worth it.

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