Reno Celebration, Day 2

Just when you think you’re full to the brim, the Parelli team brings out something else to inspire, awe, and teach.

Linda’s play session with Remmer and Allure showed a wonderful range of horsenality and savvy. Rocky is like a very mild Allure — and Allure wowed us all (including Linda) with how quickly he became calm, trusting, motivated, and obedient. She told us that about six months ago she realized how often she told him No, and that she began saying Yes more often, allowing him to play and express himself long before she started directing the play. I feel particularly validated because I have done something similar with Rocky, and got similar results.

She walked around after her session and let people tell her things and ask questions, and I got to tell her that one thing I learned in the segment was to be prepared to respond immediately and appropriately when my horse invites me to play.

Pat did a great lesson with one of the spotlighters from yesterday, taking her back through the basics of handling her rope and stick. I don’t think she came prepared to have an hour-long lesson with Pat Parelli in front of 1400 people, but she rallied and did a great job. It was a good reminder that when something breaks, separate it into pieces and fix those pieces, then put it back together. Her horse got curious and interested in what she was doing — especially whapping the barrel and the ball with the stick and string.

At the end of the day, they surprised us with Kalle playing with thirteen yearlings, from the back of her own horse. Again, Seth took good pictures with his real camera, but until he gets time to download them and send them to me, my cell phone will have to do.

They moved like minnows, all together, even if milling in opposite directions.

I plan to stalk #18, “Firestone,” who told me through his non-verbal communication that his name is Smokey, who raced the truck and trailer and even won the driving game with it, sending it into the interior of the arena. He was curious and engaged with people even when the rest of the herd cantered to the other side of the arena, and had no hesitation on the jump or the tarp. I was so proud. If I had the savvy and the professional/performance goals to give him the life and purpose he needs…I’d still be too broke to buy him. I’m just sayin’.


Seeing the baby horsies interact in their relaxation pen and in the arena as a herd was the purest expression of natural horse behavior that I’ve ever seen. Parelli is all they’ve ever known and they all just burst with curiosity, confidence, and athleticism within their horsenalities and bodies.

Way more than amazing. Spectacular. I feel like I’ve found Parelli just as it enters its full, prime adulthood. I’m so lucky.

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