Straight from the horse’s mouth…

Tonight, by way of a professional animal communicator/kinesthesiologist/energy healer, Rocky told me:

He hates being called Princess Sparkles.

He loves me! And he wants me to ride him a lot more than I do. (I said yes, me too, when he’s feeling better.)

He does not see me as his alpha mare. (He sees our landlord/barn owner/instructor Erin Murphy as his alpha mare.)

Inspecting my work

Inspecting my work (click to enlarge)

He loves that I named him Rockstar. (He came to me as Rocky and was so tuned into his name that I didn’t want to change it, but I didn’t want him to “just” be Rocky, either. Jenni thought of the name and I loved it. It felt right.) He wants to “be a rock star for me” and do all kinds of things, from bareback to Western and English pleasure to trail obstacle classes. When his feet feel better or those boots finally get here he’d like to get out on the trails. (Why are the horse people I deal with never in a HURRY? Take the time it takes with your horse but send those boots post haste!)

He told us of some past traumas — injury/accidents, abuse, and neglect, in different places at different times — that I had inferred from various clues but had not confirmed.

He asked if I was buying another horse. I said I had flirted with the idea of buying him a mini, but no. He said nuh-uh that mini would be for me, not for him, to live in my house. But he liked the idea of having a mini. I told him it would too be for him! It would be for US.

He loves that I am, and I quote, “clumsy.” He thinks it is endearing and cute.

Appaloosa on Pedestal, digital, 2009 (click to enlarge)

Appaloosa on Pedestal, digital, 2009 (click to enlarge)

He loves it when I sing to him and when I read to him.

He’s excited that his boots will be glittery green.

He wants to play in the sprinkler. He said he wants me to get on him bareback and we would gallop through the sprinklers. (When he’s feeling better I’ll set up the sprinkler for him and try to catch him on video.) This is especially funny because he told an animal communicator when we were in L.A. that he wanted a sprinkler! This was right after new neighbors moved in and installed sprinklers on their arena fence.

Trailering: He prefers a slant load, gooseneck, three-horse trailer. He likes to be in the biggest slot and is fine being at the end (the last one in, first one out). He prefers to travel with friends rather than alone. He is not afraid of trailering.

He is in a lot of pain from various cumulative body issues: hip, pelvis, vertebra C7, scapula, and ribs. His face, shoulders, and hip bones were lopsided! I could see it after she pointed it out: right eye higher and more forward than the left, left ear more forward than the right… his hips/pelvis has always been lopsided since I got him and I’ve had a chiropractor work on that. After she did some acupressure, stretches, adjustments, and I’m not sure what else but it was effective, he was much more symmetrical and he relaxed. I could see the relief on his face, very clearly. I can see these crookednesses in this picture from last week, even though it’s not a straight-on view, now that I know what to look for (click to enlarge):

Getting trimmed at Liberty

Getting trimmed at Liberty

He says he “needs his fix” and wants to play Parelli with me even in the next 5 days when he’s only supposed to hand-walk and not be ridden. Erin suggested we play Touch-It and do some grazing and he liked that.

He asked if I would promise to keep him for life and I said YES OF COURSE and just as Poppy said “thank you, he’s very relieved at that,” he lowered his head and blew out a huge snort/sigh and blinked.

He told her that I am writing a story about him and he really likes that. I said yes, I blog him, and am writing about 5,000 words a week. He really likes that.

Who cut the head and neck off my horse?

Who cut the head and neck off my horse?

He said he likes the way my hair has been smelling lately and that it is “sexier.” I recently changed shampoos, and this new one is the Trader Joe’s “peppermint, eucalyptis, and tea tree oil” blend. I have been wondering whether to stick with it for a while or change back to the shiny brunette stuff. Obviously now it’s a no-brainer.

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5 thoughts on “Straight from the horse’s mouth…

  1. That is so cool….he sounds like he has a lovely sense of humour and fun – and loves you – that is so awesome. Hope you get all the crookedness sorted.

  2. WOW!! I’m not familiar with your blog, I just ran into it today. But with that being said, I can’t believe all the things your horse has said! Are all horses so opinionated? Who did you use to communicate with him? Thanks.

  3. horsegirlonajourney

    Vicki, yes, he sure does have a sense of humor. LOL

    Erica … I’m not sure if all horses are, but the three times now that I’ve splurged on communicator for Rocky, he’s been very chatty and sure of himself. Both of the ladies told me that he’s more talkative than the average horse. LOL I have had two phone sessions with Linda Wahlund,, after hearing great things about her from friends (all true). This time it was with Poppy Phillips Mehlhaff, who came out to our barn last month and worked on other horses and was so good I asked for an appointment for Rocky this time around. She does a bunch of energy work and healing and oils and flower essences and prayer and things in addition to the communication part.

  4. You’ve inspired me to contact Linda Wahlund for a session with Dixie. I’d actually contacted her last week after first reading your post, but had a riding accident (of which I have no memory) this past weekend that landed me in the hospital that cemented it for me. Pending the outcome of our communication session, she may or may not be finding a new home. We’ll see. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your journey with Rocky.


  5. horsegirlonajourney

    Tina — I’m so sorry to hear that – I saw your post in the SC forum about it too. I hope you feel better soon and that Linda can help. 🙂

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