Morning coffee

Usually I get out of bed and go straight to work — my commute is about 15 feet — but it is an especially stressful couple of weeks and this morning I took my coffee outside and walked to the back 40 for some horse time. I actually had my ancient Nikon Coolpix 4200 in my pocket and when I saw that Rock wanted my coffee, I stepped back, fumbled the cam out, then … well, let me show you:

He’s attached to the “high line” for his morning “bucket” — beet pulp and his usual supplements. We hang the bucket on the other bungee and the horses get to play with the buckets, eat their cereal and vitamins, and get practice being tied as if they are horse camp.

As for the strip of flesh missing from his face, I have no idea what he got into last night. Maybe a tree. Maybe he battled the Forces of Evil while we slept soundly (or, in my case, battled the Forces of Insomnia) in our beds.

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One thought on “Morning coffee

  1. christine

    country peach herbal tea is also a great treat!

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