Salsa was a champ with the farrier; plus, Rockstar stuck to me

All that foot play we’ve been doing paid off today, when Salsa held each foot up in turn for the farrier to trim. No resistance and just a little bit of suspicion about the hoofstand (which turned out to be too high anyway, so Scott used his shin instead). I wanted to take a picture but as usual, ran into that problem of documenting and experiencing at the same time. You’ll just have to look at this one and imagine him getting trimmed.

(A note about the mane: it took 1.5 hours to get the excess hacked off to produce this, and we had run out of time to finish the mohawk — stay tuned, because we’re going to try to finish up this weekend.)

(And yes, he’s on a diet now.)

Salsa relaxed

On an afternoon break from work, I wandered out to the Back 40 and Rock came over to meet me and then stuck to me. Erin and Kim were visiting their horses, Centella and Riley, and it ended up that the three of us stood around and chatted while scratching and stroking our horses.

Who would have thought I’d ever get to this place in my life? And that Rock was noodging me when I stopped and then leaning into the scratches — it’s that dang oak tree sap stuff that’s got him so itchy but I’ll take it, he’s usually so meh about being touched.

So, yeah, I’m sad about the right front soreness and our many interruptions in our progress as riding partners. But whatever. I’ve got two Appaloosas and both of them want to be with me, and anything more than that is just bonus, right? Right.

I am so full up with love for both of them right now that I might have to wander out there with apples, even though it’s midnight and I have been drinking wine as I play my computer game …

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