Ambassador training – oh yes, yes, yes please

I just got the email to gold savvy club members that one of our 2010 benefits will be ambassador training, free. SQWEEEE!  I’ve wanted to become an official Parelli ambassador since before they announced any formal plan or program for it — and I was this close <> to applying for their social media integration position, until I realized that I couldn’t afford to take it, if I got the offer. Ha.

This week I’ve been playing with Rocky in the rain, asking him to trust me enough to wade through the creek instead of leap the ditch, while I hold my Flip cam up at him. This has resulted in some interesting adventures although not necessarily usable footage. (I love saying footage for digital video — like saying “above the fold” to describe website layout.) I need one more session to show our success, so that I can cobble together a minute of before, during, after.

Salsa is doing a lot better at haltering himself now that we’re being more “evade the bump” and less “evade the halter.” I’ll explain that in a future post too.

I haven’t booked lodging yet even though they’ve announced the Savvy Summit conference dates, but it looks like gold members can attend free, depending on what restrictions apply. This is gonna be a good horse year. No matter what.

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One thought on “Ambassador training – oh yes, yes, yes please

  1. I was contacted by Parelli in Paragosa Colorado and told my name was on the list to become an
    Ambassador (program I am very interested in) here in Ontario Canada. They had no info at the Ohio Conferance and told me more info was coming in the future that they were getting the program together. If you know anything about it, can you email me. I would really appreaciate it.

    Des. Hillman
    Sarnia Ont

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