Rocky is recovering well

He’s steady on his feet and is already casting about for things to make mischief with. Such as pushing his slo-feed hay bag through the stall window and pretending he doesn’t know how to reach out and bring it back in. (He does. I’ve seen him do it.) Licking my hair and nibbling the hood of my coat while I’m setting out my medical supplies: sterile bandage, vet wrap, pillow wrap, standing wrap. And picking up the foot I’m changing bandages on, then setting it down as soon as I adjust to bandaging while up, then picking up after I’ve readjusted. (I told him firmly that he was going to get a smack, and then he held still, and after I rewrapped the leg, I gave him a resounding kiss on the cheekbone. Smack!)

It took an hour to get all the bandaging and vet wrap off of the two front legs, as the vet wrapped them so thoroughly I had to rip, tear, and yank little strips off at a time. But the sutures look good, a little bruisy maybe, but no worse than I look when I’ve had to be sewn together. I wrapped both hind legs as well to give him support as he’s on stall rest until Wednesday and boy does he look sharp. The store only had red so I was forced outside my rut of hunter green, and it’s snazzy. Also red will provide a nice warm healing energy.

Salsa has settled in to his stall and paddock now, and will come up and stretch his nose up to touch my hand when I put my arm through the stall window. He’ll get some one-on-one time on Saturday and then we have our first Parelli Savvy Students Gold Country playdate here on Sunday. He’ll be my playpony for that.

Back to normal around here? Normal is as normal does.

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3 thoughts on “Rocky is recovering well

  1. Yeah! Rocky is in recovery!!

    You know, I will be very curious to learn if this event (the being held down for a period of time by you) influences Rocky’s attitude toward your leadership.

    The reason I say this is that I have a non-PNH, but NH friend that laid his aloof RBI horse down (gently, but against the horse’s will) and since then the horse has given him his heart and soul.

    Before that, the horse always acted skeptical that my friend (male) was a secret predator..

    It sure sounds as though Rock is being super affectionate. 🙂

    Best of luck with your new play group!!


  2. Smart horse + Stall Rest = Interesting. Cricket figured out how to shed her halter and protective hood and three times I came out to see her nekkid – but pretty – face staring at me. The final day, she actually picked the halter/hood combo up and threw it out of her stall. Guess she’d had enough of that! Having to depend on me for food, water and social interaction definately deepened the bond between us. Cricket is not aloof but she’s pretty sure she can take care of herself just fine. It’s definately a silver lining in an otherwise black rain cloud. Even after all of the crap we went through – three ointments 3x a day, lavage, constant nerve blocks, etc. Cricket will still let me run my finger on her eye lid (ointment simulation). Not too shabby.

    ~ Lisa
    p.s. I can imagine Rocky looks pretty sharp in his red “leg warmers”. Get him a matching head band and he could audition for a “Flashdance” revival.

  3. horsegirlonajourney

    Yeah stall rest is not all that restful for prey animals, is it? Only a few more days though and then we can open the door to the attached paddock. If he chooses to stay inside most of the time, on the deep bedding, he can stay in the barn for a while. But if he stands outside most of the time, we will move him to his normal day pen. He won’t get his turnouts for another month (handwalking only) but at least he will be able to see all the activities of the ranch.

    In the meantime, the giant slowfeed haybag is amusing him, he has a big bucket of water to slosh his tongue around in, and metal rails to lick when he sticks his head outside. Today I’m going to give him a cone, and I might decorate the back fence with pinwheels and tinsel, so he can see it (friendly game) but not eat it ….

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