Speaking of wild horses (and burros)

On the way back from the growers’ market we saw a sign for the BLM adoption event and pulled in to look around while NOT adopting any animals. We made it out without equines, but I can understand why many people who intend to “just look,” don’t.

I struck up a conversation with two women who were each adopting a Mustang. One of the woman was in a Parelli t-shirt and the same Parelli hoodie that I was wearing, so we got to bill and coo about the excitement that the filly was going to a Parelli home. At this time we were watching one of the wranglers, named Pat, in the round pen with the colt the Parelli lady’s friend was adopting.

The energy of drive and draw was palpable as he played the catching game with the little stud. The colt seemed to know exactly how long it takes my cell phone to capture a picture after I press the button, as he managed to turn away or get his head out of the picture every time, though I had framed him up nicely.

Seeing the colt’s courage and wariness gave me a deeper appreciation of the quiet body language of the man, and his complete focus on the energy he and the horse were creating in the pen, and his almost completely silent demeanor. He only spoke to the adopter, and then only to say things like “he’s a nice mover” and “didja see that, that thar’s a good move.”

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One thought on “Speaking of wild horses (and burros)

  1. Wow, what wonderful photos and a story to tell. I cannot go to those things, I’d be too tempted to “save the world.”

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