Video: ‘Parelli Across America’ Fresno, CA highlights

At the Savvy Club Gold Summit on Monday, Pat talked about the amazingness of modern technology, how they could shoot and edit and publish this kind of thing so quickly. He said he wished he had video of Troy Henry, Tom Dorrance, Ronnie Willis, and the other master horsemen he studied with. “It just wasn’t easy to come by, then.”

Video is a powerful tool in our horsemanship journeys. It will tell you that you have forgotten to be refined in your phase 1, that you think you are bringing up your energy when you aren’t, and that your horse watches you even when you can’t see him. It will also make you shorter and squatter than you really are, which can be depressing, but I promise it’s just the camera.  (And if you are riding, affix the camera high up, at least at your eye level while mounted, so that it doesn’t do that huge shoulders, blorpular neck, and pinhead thing.)

I have used my Flip from time to time, positioning it in the corner of the arena, then setting out cones to mark the area where I need to stay in order to be in the frame. I haven’t done that in quite a while though.

Hm, how interesting. Maybe I should stop pretending that I need my videographer and his high-def camera to come over and capture my auditions, and just go outside today with the checklist and get it done.

What a perfect excuse to procrastinate work and get outside with Appaloosas!

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