Preparing for Halloween … next year

I missed the Halloween playday on our ranch due to an unexpectedly late night the evening before. It’s okay though. I’ve been so slammed with client work this month that I didn’t see Rocky or Salsa at all, except through my office window.

But everyone else in the whole world — heheh — did devote October to preparing their horses for a Halloween playday, and they had a blast! I wandered out a bit late and talked to a few and admired the costumes, and enjoyed watching their horses navigate strange obstacles like a ghost-zombie in a black robe hanging from the arena roof.

Here is a video of the playday that happened here:

And here is our barn manager’s article about preparing your horse to wear a costume (whether for Halloween or the Christmas parade or May Day or Arbor Day or any other event).

And here are some photos of an Andalusian yearling and an American Spotted Draft foal during their Halloween prep.

I am determined to manage it next year. I did buy costume supplies so I’m actually very well prepared and have a whole year now to elaborate upon it. Or to scrap it in favor of something even more fancy.

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2 thoughts on “Preparing for Halloween … next year

  1. Great video! Thank you for sharing…

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  2. horsegirlonajourney

    In some ways I’m fine with the fact that I missed it. All the client work these past two months have been absolutely necessary, from a financial point of view. And I wouldn’t have missed our unexpected opportunity to see (actual human) rock star Reggie Hall perform in Colfax on the Friday night, a spontaneous gig that he announced last minute, and that kept us dancing til the wee hours! I’d hate to have gotten up all exhausted and then direct-lined Rocky into a costume he’d only sniffed once and “made” him do stuff. And I had no idea how badly I needed to get OUT until I actually shut down my computer at 8pm and left the office.

    OTOH, Rocky loves attention and being around humans, and he likes causing things to happen like sounds and flappings, so he’d have loved to play with the toys that Erin set up and to be around the other horses in their costumes. Salsa loves cookies and standing on top of things that make him taller.

    So, next year. If this workload keeps up perhaps I can hire a minion — er, a subcontractor — to help me, so that I have time to go outside again.


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