You can text from the back of any horse — once

It’s cool to see how someone can sum up horsemanship in a little more than a minute and make such a beautiful video — and use the mainstream media and advertising platform as a way to sneak some horses onto the information highway.

As for combining mobile usage with horse time, what a perfect topic for a future Savvy Club video or an article in the Savvy Times magazine.

Much as I would like to say I can always leave the world entirely behind when I play with my horses, I know it’s not always possible to disconnect from the world for horse time. Sometimes a person, and I’m not saying it’s me, has to take a smart phone with them to stay on top of what’s happening with the day job.

If nothing urgent arises, great: freebie horse time. But if something does require attention, a person can at least have had some time with their equine partner, and then pop back into the office as if they’d never left.

Many people combine mobile connectivity with horse time. Hopefully, they do it with savvy.

I think that using a mobile device while riding is a Level 4 task. What do you think?

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