Rollin’ on the River

Yeah, that’s me, up on my Atwood Ranch filly, all casual and relaxed.

Of course inside I’m going SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

I did the whole progression, with direction from Erin: stand and “pet” her with my legs, jump up and down in all zones, heave myself (with a boost, LOL) over her withers, lie flat on her back, ease into position.

Erin led River around while I relaxed into a passenger position, mirroring River’s body motions with my own.

River was confident, calm, willing, and athletic. She was not disconcerted by my wobbling around up there, and I got better the more we moved around. She was curious and seemed to enjoy the whole thing.

And don’t we look cute together?


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One thought on “Rollin’ on the River

  1. Christine

    River is really cute and you look great on her!
    Happy Trails

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