A month of milestones

12 January 2012

Rocky and I joined up at liberty and walked around the outside of the covered arena for several laps. He started out with a good trot and gallop around the ranch with the minidonks but after that was definitely asking for direction, so I tried this. Each lap, he was more relaxed than the previous, and we even got half a lap in the other direction. After that he walked over toward his pen and didn’t want to join up again, although he kept giving me two eyes and friendly ears. I opened his gate and he went in on his own. He did his water meditation — he curls his tongue, fills it with water, sticks out the tip, and lowers his eyelids to three-quarter closed — and stood hip-shot, obviously pleased with his afternoon.

11 January 2012

River and I ate lunch together on the lawn.  She walked with me at liberty from her pen to the lawn. (I used a halter to take her home, though. Didn’t want to push my luck!)

10 January 2012

River accepted me as a passenger and I practiced climbing on, relaxing bareback, and doing an emergency/flying dismount at the walk from both the left and the right. The first time I hopped on I overbalanced and ended up vaulting over her, sort of, landing on my feet and flinging my arms up like an Olympic gymnast after a good performance.

28 December 2011 – 3 January 2012

Rocky gave pony rides to three different sets of children on three different days and adjusted his spirit level to suit each one. That means he took extra special care of the little ones (ages 5 and 7), and, er, “offered” a big trot and teensy hop-into-canter for one of the bigger ones (age 11), who stayed on through the offering and the sudden stop at the electric fence.

December 2011

I rode Rocky around the ranch in the same pad and surcingle in the picture with Caitlin. He seems comfortable in it and we did well together. In this photo, he’s finishing up his water before we head back to the barn.

I’m getting out with the horses four times a week or so, but blogging has taken a lower priority than getting my day job work done and, it must be admitted, frolicking with the new boyfriend. Ahem.

Still, it is nice to be able to look back over the years and see the progress. The new boyfriend has offered to take pictures of horseplay so perhaps I’ll have more proof of what I blog. I’m looking forward to a year of  mental, emotional, and physical fitness — for and through my horsemanship. 🙂

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