Riding and running on a Sunday evening

I rode Rocky bareback tonight for a few laps around the arena in each direction. No bareback pad, no saddle blanket with surcingle, no breeches with leather or grippy seat. Just his bare back and my yoga pants.

Honestly, are horses coated with Teflon, or is it just Rocky and me? What a slippery perch I had. All those Parelli mastery students zooming around in Wranglers with only a savvy string around the horse’s neck make it look way, way, way easier than it is. For me, at least.

I noticed in the photos that my left foot is lower than my right. In every photo. Hrm, how interesting! When I looked back at the photos of me on Kresege, I have the same imbalance. Perhaps that explains why Rocky has a hard time walking in a straight line, and why Kresege began to drift? I can’t curl my tailbone in all the way either, or it feels like we are rubbing bone on bone.

Cameras are powerful tools in our horsemanship journeys. They can show us that our body position is not as elegant as we thought it was, or that our motions are still too quick and spazzy for our poor, patient RBIs. They can also show us the trust and softness in our horse as he follows along behind us at liberty. Or, in some cases, ahead of us…

It helps if you take video on your own and then work with it in a video editor for a while. That helps you develop an eye to see where the camera deceives, through foreshortening or flattening or adding shadows. I find it hard to capture the true steepness of a hill. But the more I edit video, the more I see how valuable a video camera can be to a student of the horse.

While uploading Rocky’s pictures, I found a self-portrait of the photographer. Thanks, Steve. 🙂

Steve is a national class distance runner and thus couldn’t resist taking this photo of Rocky and I running together. Look at Rocky’s amazing tail!


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