Are you following the One Right Way? Me neither.

In researching places to list a horse for sale where we will reach people who put the relationship first, and thus googling sample phrases like “natural horsemanship horse sale California” and “horse for sale Parelli,”  I accidentally read some forum comments. On the internet. You’d think I’d know better by now!

Horses basking in the morning sunbeam

Horse people are so passionate about our particular philosophies, teachers, and methods that if you put 10 horse people in a barn, you get 11 One Right Ways. It’s kind of cute — until it turns into vitriol and hate-mongering.

Luckily, I also stumbled over Karen Rohlf’s article in Super Natural Horses from a couple of years back. It’s a long piece, but I think she sums up the heart of it quite well.

Our world has enough problems. Use your gift. Use the gift that our horses have given us. It is the gift of compassion, of harmonizing through our differences, of creating positivity, of partnership over dominance, of leading through following, of communicating by understanding, of being open within boundaries. And if you must create a change, then use the gift of understanding how to cause their ideas to change without making them feel wrong. ~ Karen Rohlf

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One thought on “Are you following the One Right Way? Me neither.

  1. Barbara

    Love this! Perfect.

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