Ground-driving with Rocky

Rocky and I played with a new-to-us concept yesterday. I attached caribiners to the cinch rings to keep the feather lines from dropping to the ground, and spent 45 minutes traveling all over the ranch. By the end, we were much smoother at turning, and he had an amazing backup, all engaged.

For now, we’re just practicing our communication — I’m not attempting to teach him to go sideways to turn, the way he would have to if he were pulling a cart. With the video, I see a lot to improve in my own body language and arms and such.

Ground-driving seems like the perfect way to regain the fitness I’ve lost in the past few weeks due to the beforemath, duringmath, and aftermath of a severe cold virus. It combines “horse time” with “taking a walk,” and unless I want to be dragged, it’s pretty much a power walk the whole time if I’m to keep up with Rocky. I’d like to be able to match his stride so that we can move together in better harmony, but I know from playing stick-to-me side-by-side that my short legs can’t match his long strides for more than a few steps.

For perspective: When I took that video clip from directly behind him, I was holding the camera above my own eye level, attempting to capture his ears. My own eye level is about 6 inches below the dock of his tail….

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