Making the time that it takes

I played with River the same way today as yesterday, with Liberty to warm up and then Freestyle. I tried hard to remember to lift the rein up instead of pulling it out, and the weave was really good for helping me do that. River got into the tighter weave today and booked along (for a given value of “booked along”). We practiced a lap or two of trotting but mainly focused on getting that nice forward walk.


For Rocky’s session, I put a cone on the gate latch and stuck the carrot stick with bag into it. We played various games, mostly involving Rocky squeezing under the bag. The breeze quit almost as soon as I had the bag secure so that made it a little easier, although I wouldn’t have minded some movement. When it was time to advance the game. I used the purple flag in a cone on the ground, to create a side-to-side squeeze in addition to the above-the-head squeeze. As he advanced through the game he earned many cookies and we ended the evening with some undemanding time, during which he mauled the plastic bag that the cookies came in. This was session 5 of our planned 7, and I’m back on the road for work tomorrow so he’s got until Friday to contemplate his ever-growing bravery!


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