I passed my Level 2 Freestyle audition

In fact, I passed with a 2++ rating on Relationship and a 2+ rating on Savvy and on Fluidity, resulting in an overall rating of 2+. WOW!

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 8.35.40 AM

In the feedback, they highlighted a few things I’m doing well, and provided some direction for what to refine next.

I like the way you’re building quality and partnership every step of the way. Excellent transitions along the rail! Good focus throughout too. As you continue, practice the following phases for your turns: Phase 1: Focus/eyes Phase 2: Belly button/Shoulders. Really emphasize this phase- think about having eyes or wheels on your shoulders and they need to turn on the “track” that you’re asking River to follow- turning your shoulders and belly will influence your hips and River will be able to feel this. Give this phase at least a few seconds- you might take the whole arena to turn at first and that’s ok. Phase 3: leg- Linda talks about using as much pressure with your leg as you’d use if you were pushing on your eyelid. Phase 4: rein or stick. Focusing on these phases will really help to refine your communication- try to force yourself to go through all of them before you go to your rein- it might be messy for a while- but you’ve got the calmness with River that you’d be able to play with it. Great job!!

The two things that really stand out for me are that it might take the whole arena to turn at first and that leg pressure is no stronger than pushing on your eyelid. Both of these give me perspective on exactly “how much” to do or not do: give River more time to figure out that I’m asking her to turn, and if I’m exhausting my leg doing “leg cues” then I’m probably doing it 10x too hard.

I glanced at the level 3 audition forms last night and I’m feeling excited and motivated to officially step into the next level of my journey.

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One thought on “I passed my Level 2 Freestyle audition

  1. Congratulations!!

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