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Reflections on why I didn’t ‘stick with’ horses until Parelli

Seth and I talked tonight about the Parelli phenomenon, how Pat and especially Linda have created a vocabulary and a grammar for horsemanship that works so well for me. I said … man, if I’d known about this stuff as a kid, I’d never have fallen out of horses. That is, I collected models and read books and wrote stories and drew horses in the margins of my papers well into college, but my time with actual horses was sporadic and limited.

But then we worked the timeline and compared it to Pat and Linda’s timeline and I realized exactly why I was “away from horses” for so long, and why my experiences left me disappointed, afraid, and with a strong sense of failure. And why getting my first horse at 36 and getting stuck in Level 1 for a year and moving 400+ miles to a Parelli facility has been the right thing at the right time, all along.

What follows is a long “highlight reel” of my horse experience before Parelli and it’s probably boring if you’re not me, but I wanted it here for my own future reference. You have been warned.

Your horse is your mirror – Parelli Natural Horsemanship

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