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He chose me in the pasture

I went into the gelding pasture with Rocky’s halter on my shoulder, not because I needed to get him, but to have something to whirl about should I get mobbed. Mainly I wanted to check him over to make sure he still had all of his limbs, his eyes were clear of snot, and he wasn’t bleeding.

This IS Rocky we’re talking about, y’know.

I walked well into the enclosure to give everyone room. Rocky immediately perked his ears, gave me two eyes, and walked over to me with enthusiasm and energy. He left the herd of five and a pile of hay to come stand by me.


I am still trying to figure out how to describe the joy I felt. It welled up and spilled over and I could almost see it with my regular eyes. A rainbow of pleasure, well-being, gratitude, approval, emanating from my body in concentric rings. I think Pursuit felt it because he perked up and asked permission to approach as well, and then Paco, and then Nakota….

I stroked Rocky a bit and then left, feeling him watching me (but not following me) all the way through the gate and back into my house.


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