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A not-so-lazy Sunday afternoon, in photos

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Waiting at the gate

River inspecting

Rockstar on the run

Salsa on the lawn

Rocky feeling good

Here comes a pig


River sees a donkey

Creek crossing


Get offa my lawn



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Rocky went RBI and I did the right thing, starting with: I noticed

Last night, Krisen and I brought Rockstar into the arena while the rain poured down and made the canvas Cover-All roof very loud. He came in and followed me into the dry sand easily enough, but then he got sticky feet and lifted his head and stopped blinking. One of his hind legs was out at an awkward angle, too, but he just stuck it there, all tense and still.

I remembered the mare in the Horsenalities section of Liberty & Horse Behavior and I just … waited. Kept my body language and eyes soft and friendly. Talked to Krisen. Put no pressure on him at all.

Guess what happened! Continue reading

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