Salsa debuts in an iPhone app – PonyCall

The latest version of PonyCall includes a photo of Salsa!

PonyCall is an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app (available from the iTunes store)  that lets you send text messages and emails in speech bubbles from a pony, like this one:

If I’m not mistaken, the horse in this photo is Shadowfax aka Blanco; he was the original star of PonyCall, before they discovered Salsa. 😉

You can take photos of your own ponies and add the speech bubbles, or select a photo from the included Samples album. (That’s where you’ll find Salsa!) You can move the bubble around and choose from different bubble styles so it fits nicely with the photo.

Some screenshots from the app:

My friend Jeff Consiglio was one of the app creators, on a mission to bring cuteness to the world, one mobile device at a time. They’ve also developed KittyCall and PuppyCall but of course those don’t have Salsa in them.

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