Horse texting codes for Parelli students

The message boards over at the Bay Area Equestrian Network came up with some text codes for horsefolks. Here are some cute ones:

  • HIMB – Hay in My BRA
  • PIHH – Poop Induced Half Halt
  • HRHCF – husband realized horse costs, fainted
  • SLH – Smell like horse
  • HTNHFH – Hiding the new horse from hubby
  • WWFNS – Will work for new saddle
  • ALIGAR – At least I got a ribbon

It got me thinking of what PNH student text codes would be like, and I came up with these:

  • IWRB – I went right brain
  • PTRF – Putting the relationship first
  • WYTOMINOMB – What you think of me is none of my business
  • HHI – Hm, how interesting
  • HOITI – Horse offered, I took it
  • IGO – I got off
  • WPFC – Will play for cookies
  • TWT? – Tarp, what tarp?
  • DCSBR – Dropped carrot stick, but recovered
  • PDY – Play day, yay!

The Savvy Club message boards already use BFO – Blinding flash of the obvious and DH – Dear husband.

I like (and sympathize) with the humor of BAEN’s “BBM – Bastard just bit me,” but after three years of horse ownership and Parelli, I wouldn’t think to phrase it that way. I would probably send the following picture with something like “MAW – My attention wandered,” because I like the pun and because it’s entirely my fault that I got bitten:

Here’s the culprit:

Got good text codes? Share them in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Horse texting codes for Parelli students

  1. Sharon

    This made me laugh as I sat here thinking some up:

    OB: Oh Boy
    YWMTDW: You want me to do what?
    HUADN: Hurry up and do nothing
    FBS: Foundation before Specialization
    WMBP: Where’s my Balance Point
    DGWYK: Don’t grip with your knees
    PTRF: Put the relationship first
    MCP: More carrots please
    WIIFM: What’s in it for me?

  2. horsegirlonajourney

    I love those! HUADN and WIIFM especially!

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