Photos: River exploring her new home

River is home and settling in nicely. She’s very thoughtful, and if she misses her huge grassy pastures, she is compensating by being deeply interested in all of the activity here.

The RV, garage, miscellaneous household items, and house in these pictures are the neighbors’. Their deck parallels the paddock behind our barn.

Since Saturday night, River has discovered the hotwire along the fence and that midnight visits from her new people typically include a cookie.

Here she is tasting our water for the first time.

Here she is meeting Centella, the Andalusian filly almost exactly River’s age, through the fence. They can’t actually touch noses due to the electric wire so it doesn’t quite break the quarantine. (Click the photo to enlarge it, as the fillies are in almost the exact center of the image, far away from the camera.)

We got to see the new Atwood babies in their pasture Saturday morning, before we loaded River into the trailer to come home. The foal on the left is Gelato and the foal on the right is Hudson.

This is Paris, the first baby of the year, learning about grass.

As the day turns to evening, River explores her new backyard.

On her patio, just outside her stall. The stalls are always open so the horses can seek shelter if they want, but no one is shut inside a stall except on vet’s orders.

River and Salsa are separated for eating, so he doesn’t overdo it and founder. The rest of the time they get to share the space. Here she is exploring his patio while he hangs out in the backyard. The black marks on her butt are from her leaning on the aluminum in the trailer.

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One thought on “Photos: River exploring her new home

  1. Barb Sullivan

    Oh, Regina, she is SO cute!!! So glad her trip down went well and that she seems to be settling in so well. Can’t wait to meet her!

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