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Safe, sound, and savvy horsekeeping

Parelli recently posted a link on Facebook to an article about saving money on vet bills by preventing injury and illness. The article lists 21 things you can do during day-to-day horsekeeping to keep everyone safe and sane, and as I read it, I compared it to how things are done here.

I’m happy to report that Equine Partners, Inc., scores 100 percent. While the list is not a comprehensive guide to everything that needs doing around horses, it is a good checklist for evaluating your own practices and any boarding facility you use in the future.

One of the coolest things about being part of an all-Parelli ranch is that every person who works here sees each horse as an individual being, with a unique horsenality and needs. They don’t blame the horses, and they put in the extra time, energy, and effort to ensure that the ranch is as safe and comfortable as possible for horses (and humans!).

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Was I wearing Winnie’s Cookies perfume tonight?

I filled in for the evening stables shift tonight and every horse but Salsa,  Dave, Bautisto, and Centella tried to bite me.

Granted, Rocky’s biting is related to his sudden relapse into cinchiness, which I will deal with per the Parelli program. But everyone else SUDDENLY FOR NO REASON AT ALL became the Mordor-bred mounts of the Nazgûl. OMG and there are nine of them: Paco, Sabrina, Sam, Riley, Parker, Rocky, Nakota, Rociada, and Star.

Off to soak in an epsom salt bath….

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