Was I wearing Winnie’s Cookies perfume tonight?

I filled in for the evening stables shift tonight and every horse but Salsa,  Dave, Bautisto, and Centella tried to bite me.

Granted, Rocky’s biting is related to his sudden relapse into cinchiness, which I will deal with per the Parelli program. But everyone else SUDDENLY FOR NO REASON AT ALL became the Mordor-bred mounts of the Nazgûl. OMG and there are nine of them: Paco, Sabrina, Sam, Riley, Parker, Rocky, Nakota, Rociada, and Star.

Off to soak in an epsom salt bath….

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2 thoughts on “Was I wearing Winnie’s Cookies perfume tonight?

  1. onehorsefarms

    Wow, there’s something you don’t hear about everyday! Was it crabby horse day at the stable? 😉

  2. horsegirlonajourney

    I don’t know! Maybe they sensed that I was preoccupied? No one drew blood, but it was pretty funny.

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