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It’s official, I’m to be the relief ranch hand

Danielle and Tony are moving down the hill, so Leslie and Eddie are taking over the ranch manager duties here at Equine Partners, Inc.

cowboy artI’m going to be the Sunday “relief” ranch hand, doing a morning shift and an evening shift. The morning shift takes about 3 hours and the evening one about 2 hours. The relief day does not involve the full routine of pre-mixing buckets of supplements and whatnot, as the ranch manager does that on Saturday for the Sunday and Monday volunteers. Nor is there any assisting with training or lessons, facility maintenance, holding horses for the farrier or vet, or other expert work.

The Sunday and Monday volunteers only have to feed (oat pellets, pre-measured supplements, and hay), muck, water, and move horses. Oh, and let the donkeys out in the morning and put them back in the evenings. And feed, water, and muck the pigs.

For me, it’s a chance to handle 12 – 15 horses twice a day and get some practice reading them and learn to understand more horsenalities.

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